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Holiday Wishes

* Holiday Wishes *
Note: This Post on TOP till after first of year - Happy Holidays!

My Grandparents/Aunt Martha Ree's  old house...The Big House.- Sadly it is no longer in the family - Photo by AubreyJ
No matter where you might be this coming Christmas… Remember all the loved ones you have on this day and all the loved ones that have gone before you.
Make glad the heart of your childhood... that your loved ones made possible in each of their own way.
Watch the children around you through their eyes this season... as they run about and play. I think you will see a little bit of you in each and every one of them... That's how our next generation of memories get started in such a way.
Make sure to let the children know how it use to be... and the true meaning that this Christmas does bring.
The beauty and glory of the season...
And all of those other very special things....
Aubrey J. Fawcett
December 2002

.And god bless every one of you who are away from home
and family, serving this GREAT Country of ours.
Thank You...

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Videos of Christmas Past - “Christmas Past”

“Christmas Past”

In this Family Christmas Video, that I put together a few years back, is a collection of past Christmas videos up at the Big House that my Aunt Martha Ree filmed
What fond memories I shall always have of those days…
Way back when, up at my Grandparents house

Sis and I one Christmas Eve Night

Sis and I one Christmas Eve Night
by AubreyJ.........
Aubrey J. Fawcett
December, 2002

There was a cold wintery breeze blowing that Christmas Eve Night
Outside it was snowing but coming down light
My sis and I were excited as our bedtime grew near
Because it wouldn't be to long till Santa got here

Now big brother and sister rushed us to our beds
With good night kisses on each of our foreheads
To our separate rooms our parents came to say
Go to sleep tonight fast… Santa is surely on the way

Now sis and I had this night all planned out
For Santa we would see and that there was no doubt
We had just come from Mamaw's earlier in the night
With two Walkie-Talkies and a plan that was just right

Our plan went like this and awake we must stay
If Santa was to be seen and all those toys in his sleigh
Now if I should hear something outside in the night
Or if sis should hear something in the living room to her right
On our Walkie-Talkie we would let the other know
That Santa had come… Slip out of your room slow

Was Santa that Jolly
Was Rudolph's nose red and bright
Well one thing was certain
We should know it this night

As the night passed on by and everyone was in bed
Sis and I waited for that little man in red
Sis talked to me quietly and I did the same
What was Santa Claus bringing us... A doll, a train

Then all of a sudden a noise we could hear
Could it be Santa and all his reindeer
On our Walkie-Talkies the warning went out
I heard it on the roof, in the living room, no doubt

That's when my dog Happy jumped up in my bed
It hadn't been Santa but mom and dad instead
They came in our rooms and asleep we did play
But that didn't work and the Walkie-Talkies went away

Well that was it… Our plan hadn't worked
So we cried ourselves to sleep and after all of that work
We just knew that our plan would have surely been right
That we would have finally got to see Santa in the middle of the night

Early that Christmas morning Happy's barking and growling we could hear
Big brother and dad were hollering… No Happy, that's Santa in here
Little bells were ringing as Santa dragged Happy through the house
Happy had Santa by the pants leg and was thrashing and growling about

Into the living room sis and I ran so fast
Could it be we would finally see Santa Claus at last?
As we entered the room our eyes got big and wide
There was candy from the Christmas tree to the door going outside
And in the front doorway a red pants leg did lay
Big brother had caught Happy and said Santa got out of here OK

Poor dad just stood there looking so sad
Said boy I can tell you Santa sure did get mad
But don’t you kids worry Santa must love you a lot
For look at what he brought you and that dumb dog he did not

With all of this said, from outside we could hear
Bells just a ringing with holiday cheer
Big sister said she heard Santa… It was all so clear
He shouted, "Jay… Lock that dog up before I get back here next year!"

"Thanks for the cookies and milk… MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Videos of Christmas Past - David and Buzz Lightyear - ‘99

David and Buzz Lightyear - 1999
Here’s a short Video on Christmas morning 1999 of my Grandson David and his NEW TOY Santa had dropped off at Papaw/Mamaw's House...
They grow up all toooo fast!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome to NORAD Tracks Santa Christmas, 2013

Welcome to NORAD Tracks Santa
Christmas, 2013
To track Santa this Christmas Eve
Visit the official NORAD Tracks Santa website...
- Click HERE to view -
Also, at the above/bottom links,,, Get HOT UPDATES from the North Pole that are changing every day and discover new surprises too. To do so... visit Santa’s Village and see what’s been going on of late and join in on all the fun! Also, did I mention that Santa’s Village has games, games and more games!!!?

Monday, December 19, 2011

I ain’t a Kid... I'm a Cowboy!!!

Here’s a short story I wrote for the family some years back about Christmas up at the Big House. (That would be my Grandparents house.)
Hope you enjoy!
* I ain’t a Kid... I'm a Cowboy! *

Yes sir... Back when we were all kids, I think all of us thought this at one time or another. Well all of us boys did anyway... You girls thought you were... Cowgirls!!!
Now I don't know about you but these were some of the best days in my little life and I will surely cherish them forever...
Remember Christmas time up at the Big House with all of the family there? God how could you ever forget that... Those big old Christmas trees that Aunt Mob Bee would go and cut down from the woods behind the Big House each year. I always wanted to go on those Christmas tree hunts but I was way too little for that. Yet some of the older kids got to go and they would always have a great time by doing so...

Now theliving room ceiling in the Big House was a very high one. It must have been at least 10 feet up there or better. And all those Christmas trees that Aunt Mob Bee would go and cut down each year would always be taller than the ceiling was... Those trees were so Big and Tall!!! In fact those trees would be so tall that she usually had to go and cut a good bit out of the top and the bottom of them just to get the Star to fit on top...

Well all us little kids might not have been able to go on the Christmas tree hunts but boy we sure did have us a lot of fun helping in the decorating of them. Well... Re-decorating of them that is... Those Christmas trees were almost fully decorated by the time we got a-hold of them. That was ok though... We'd spend most the holiday season re-decorating all the stuff we had knocked off of them any-old-way. Wouldn't get into any trouble for it either... That is as long as we didn't go and mess up and break something. Mamaw would surely get mad at ya if you had gone and done something terrible like that...

Now Christmas Eve Night was always a very special time for the family. Old and young alike!!! It was a time to share gifts and to spend some good old quality time together. Shoot... All of us kids would always make out like bandits from all the gifts we would receive. We'd even end up having us a little time left over to play with all of them too!!! Well that is after we all helped in the cleaning up of the living room... With a family our size, there would always be a lot of wrapping paper thrown all over the place...

Now what kind of presents did I like best back then you might ask... Well... Anything that pertained to COWBOYS of course... Mamaw and Papaw were great on getting us kids this kind of stuff. Seemed like every year we would get something along this line from them too...

Come to think of it... Every year up in November, Papaw would take a train load of cows to auction in Fort Worth Texas and would always buy us kids all kinds of real neat western stuff... Some of my best cowboy shirts came from over there too... In fact, back in 1958 on Easter Eve day, I was wearing one of them shirts when I went and got myself all burned up watching the Easter eggs boil. Thanks for putting me out Big Sis!! (But that's another story.)

Now dag-gum-it!!! Just like them Christmas tree hunts, I was way too little to go to Fort Worth and the Auction Barn with Papaw... Yet again, some of the older kids always got to go with him.... (Life just ain’t fair sometimes is it???)

Shoot... By the time I got old enough to go with Papaw, he had stopped going over there all together... I think that's around the time the Clark's Auction Barn opened up just outside of Bossier City and Papaw had started going there instead...

Anyway... I remember this one Christmas Eve when all of us kids got us a western suit from Mamaw and Papaw... Came with the vest, hat, pants, western scarf, shirt, shoot-um-up guns and cowboy rope to-boot... Giddy-up Horsey... YEEE- HAW!!!!!!!!!

Yes sir... We were all some mighty happy kids that Christmas Eve night. Just a-running around the Big House playing in our new outfits and all... Yet I think the one thing I remember most about that night was when I snuck up on Mamaw. I had my scarf up over my nose and my two new toy pistols drawn out of their holsters. As I eased up behind her, she all of a sudden turned around on me and said... "You kids look so cute in your outfits!!" That's when I shot her three times and said, "Mamaw... I Ain’t a Kid... I'm a COWBOY!!!"

Story by: AubreyJ.........
Aubrey J. Fawcett

Friday, December 17, 2010

AubreyJ’s Christmas Gift Ideas - Weather Alert Radios

My best gift idea comes from NOAA. I for one truly cannot think of a better gift to give to the ones you love than a gift that could actually save their lives someday.
Just for the record... I own two of these radios just like the ones in the top right corner of the image below. The white desktop radio I keep by the bed and the green/gray handheld radio always goes with me when I’m on the move... Like fishing or hunting...  (Saved me big-time out on Wallace Lake one day while fishing in my 10’ Water Moccasin Pirogue and a tornado came up on me, that I wouldn’t have know about if not for my Handheld Weather Radio. TRUE STORY! Have to tell ya all about that one, one of these days...
Here’s what NOAA has to say about this wonderful gift idea...
NOAA Reminds you to GIVE the Gift of Safety this Holiday Season
When searching for that special gift this holiday season, consider giving a potentially life-saving NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio. These radios sound an alarm when NOAA’s National Weather Service issues a warning for severe weather, such as a tornado or flash flood, and can relay civil emergency messages.
“A NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio could save your life some day,” says Jack Hayes, Ph.D., director of the National Weather Service. “When seconds count, NOAA Weather Radio provides critical information necessary to immediately take action and stay safe.”
NOAA All Hazards Weather Radios are sold in electronic stores, discount stores, and online retailers. Prices vary by model and available options, but typically range between $20 and $80.
Many units are small, portable and travel easily. The pocket radio model is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, such as hikers and boaters. Battery backup power allows for portability and continued service during power outages, when televisions and computers would be out.
During an emergency, National Weather Service forecasters interrupt routine weather radio programming and send out a special tone that activates weather radios in the listening area. The tone alarm feature can sound an alert from a “standby” setting and provides immediate information about a life-threatening situation. Hearing-impaired people can also get these warnings by connecting weather radios with alarm tones to other kinds of attention-getting devices such as strobe lights, pagers, bed shakers and printed text equipment.
NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio is an essential item for every home, business and public area. “NOAA Weather Radio should be as common as a smoke detector,” added Hayes.
NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio, a component of the nation's Emergency Alert System, is comprised of a nationwide network of more than 1,000 transmitters directly linked to one of the local National Weather Service offices across the country.
NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources.
Above info taken from the official NOAA website